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By charging your preference boat NSY causes you to experience the great pleasures of Greece. Let us travel you to the most beautiful sea in the world.
20 years we build strong relationships, trust relationships with a strong network of acquaintances, and in-depth knowledge of the culture and mentality of a unique, quality and successful charter organization.
With compass our love for the sea and respect for your needs we are here to map together the most beautiful holiday experience.
North Sail Yachting - Pylos

Bareboat charter at Pylos (Πύλος)

Bareboat charters

Travel every day to different islands, harbors and bays of your preference, and choose our sailing boat that suits your needs and tastes to travel to the Ionian, Cycladic, Aegean and of course the beautiful area of Pylos and Messinia!
We will be there to welcome you to the boat with a brief guided tour and demonstration of the equipment as well as the necessary survival means of the boat. NSY staff will be at your disposal, if you wish, to provide you with weather information as well as to suggest/map your trip with you.
Alternatively, if you want absolute relaxation on your sailboat vacation or do not have an offshore diploma, you can rent the boat along with a skipper.

Hellenic Boat Charter Requirements bareboat: Two crew members is needed with a valid and recognized offshore diploma (sailing).

Pylos(Πύλος) Charters with Skipper

Skippered charter

This is the right choice for charterers with little or no sailing experience, to relax and enjoy the journey with an experienced and certified skipper. Even for seasoned sailors, let someone else "worry" about a safe anchor or moods at night!

With NSY leave yourself free while one of our skippers takes care of everything else!

Charters with skipper and crew are the perfect choice for families, groups of friends (groups and singles) and more.

Tours and Recommended destinations
Decrypt the secrets of the Messinian Sea and the Navarino Bay with the destinations we recommend. Starting from the traditional and picturesque harbor of Pylos, discover not only famous and loved destinations, but also hidden secrets, such as eerie beaches that will make you believe that you are the first to discover them and beaches where you will want to stay forever shipwrecked .
Pylos(Πύλος) navarino

Navarino bay

Ideal locations for scuba diving and snorkeling.
A guided tour of the ship, into the bay of Pylos-the Navarino Bay-at the monuments of the naval battleship of Navarino, on the island of Sfaktiria and swimming in the famous Voidokilia or Golden beach.

Pylos(Πύλος), Sunset at Navarino bay

Sunset at Navarino Bay

A romantic sailboat tour with a splendid sunset background of the Navarino bay and the graphical place of Pylos.

Proti islet near Pylos(Πύλος)

Proti island

Visit and swim in the beautiful island of Proti, opposite of Marathopolis (one and a half hour from Pylos), which offers hiking trails and rocks for climbing routes.

Sapienza islet near Pylos(Πύλος)

Sapienza island

Explore the unique island of Sapientza part of the island complex named Oinousses, near Methoni (one and a half hour from Pylos) where rare flora and fauna and diving interest meet. Walking in Koumarodasos and Faros is recommended. Swimming in Porto Loggo and then tour boat to the island Two Brothers (heart-shaped).

Schiza islet near Pylos(Πύλος)

Messenian Oinousses islets

Two-day tour

A tour of the Messenian Oinousses near Calypso Deep the deepest point of the Mediterranean (one and a half hours from Pylos). Swimming in Mikronissi and overnight on the boat at the tourist resort of Finikounda. Many options for swimming, hiking and natural diving and snorkeling.

Kythira island

Kythira island

Weekly tour Pylos to Kythira

Beautiful destination with amazing beaches and crystal blue waters, ideal for those who have at least one week time for vacations. On the way you will be able to experience the beaches of Messinia and Messinian Mani.



North Sail Yachting offers you for free either a cold snack or a soft drink or fruit per person at all the routes

Check in - Check out

North Sail Yachting can offer you, depending on availability, early check in and late check out

Early prereservation discount

Prereservation up to 3 months before the chartered date, gives 10% discount

Repeated customers

Repeated customers have 10% discount at the total price



Meal can be prepared on all boats. Alternatively you can go to traditional taverns in the area with an inflatable auxiliary boat of North Sail Yachting.
Chef or waiter upon request.


Wi-Fi is available on board for your trip.

Shuttle service

We can arrange a shuttle service to and from Kalamata Airport. Let us know about your flights and you will have a means of transport for Pylos


In case you have limited time we can arrange your supplies for your trip.

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